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At the Studio

"At the Studio" is a partnership between sister dance companies.  It has become a diverse group of instructors and our love for the art has brought us together.  We are a studio of dance and movement.  As dancers, we have our own artistry and dance backgrounds, and as teachers we appreciate the art and want to share our gift to dancers of all ages.  From ballet to samba or hip hop to belly dance, we have brought our own individual talents into one location to create a unique and diverse dance studio.  Individually, we specialize in different forms of dance, but together as a studio, we share the same passion…dance!

Dance Fitness

At the Studio is introducing a new fitness program called Dance Fitness!  We have all come together in hopes of promoting health and fitness by offering classes that fuse fitness with dance and movement.  With several classes to choose from, you can mix and match classes to create your own personal fitness plan.  Whether you are coming straight after work, need an evening class or prefer a weekend class, we have classes that will fit your schedule.  With this program, you take the “work” out of workout and dance your way to a healthier you!

Dance Classes

  • Hip Hop
  • Ballet
  • Belly Dance
  • Jazz
  • Creative Movement
  • Dance Team

Zumba Fitness

This exhilarating nonstop class fuses high energy easy to follow moves with latin rhythms that will keep your body moving to the music.

T 7:30p-8:15p, Th 7:30p-8:15p

Ballet Barre Fitness

Ballet Barre Fitness is a 45 minute dance fitness class where aerobics meets controlled movement of ballet in order to strengthen and tone.  With this class, traditional ballet is transformed into a low impact, high calorie burning full body workout! 

W 7:15p-8p

Hip Hop Fitness

This class combines fun dance moves to today’s songs from your favorite artists.  You’ll have so much fun; you won’t even realize you are working out.

Th 5:45p-6:30p



We offer two different packages for our fitness program* with no monthly or registration fee.  Classes are sold on a pre-paid punch card.  The card can be used toward any fitness class At the Studio.

5 classes for $30

10 classes for $50

Drop-in $7/class


* You must complete your package within 60 days of purchase.